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We love working with adults and children on creating a new normal. Backed by internationally recognized mathematically based research, Neurofeedback uses EEG like technology.    We use Neuroptimal which works by monitoring the electrical activity coming from the Central Nervous System.  Neuroptimal provides a mirror like affect to the brain which allows your brain to recognize opportunity for change and retrain itself to create a more effective presence.  Neuroptimal uses a dynamic process that follows the ever changing cortical activity patterns that allows the brain to re-normalize.  The Family Healing Centre uses Neurofeedback to work with Autism Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Sleep Disorders, Pain, PTSD, OCD and many more..  We also are proud to work with athletes looking to up their game to achieve peak performance and laser focus.  Many professional and amateur athletes use Neurofeedback to give them cutting edge focus and enhanced performance.   

This is a safe, drug free practise that can produce long lasting results.  Come into our office, relax in a quiet room and let your brain work on self optimization.   We work with PANDAS/PANS!

Life Counselling

Are you stuck?  Do you have ideas or goals that you just can't seem to start on?  Life Counselling can be a powerful relationship between you and your trained Life Coach.  We work together to create visions and goals to help you move forward and empower your personal brilliance.  We partner with you by creating a plan  and setting milestones for achievement.  We can help you create a purposeful and extraordinary life.  Call us today to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.   

Massage Therapy

Did you know the Massage Therapy is not just for relaxation or physical rehabilitation?  Research shows that Massage Therapy can be a very effective treatment option for Trauma, Autism. ADHD, PANDAS and many others!  Interested in Massage for you or your kiddos?  Our RMT, Kyle has many years experience with a particular interest working with families!  Call now to book your next Massage!  We have 60 minute and 30 minute appointments available!

What's New?


Interested in Sensory Integration?  Feel like you someone you know might benefit from some sensory knowledge?  We are now offering Sensory Integration Training!   Call us for details!


Check out what our clients have been saying about us!

My 7 year old son has completed 7 sessions with Meredith and we have seen some very encouraging results!  His tics have really improved and his anxiety is much better!  He loves going and can't wait until Friday for his next appointment!  We will definitely be doing many more! - Bobbi J

I just had my first massage with Kyle at  The Family Healing Centre!  He is fantastic!  I highly recommend.  I am feeling much better!  - Cathy H 

New Client Promotion

Come in for your consultation which also includes a Neurofeedback session for 50% off the regular session price!

We are offering 10% off Neurofeedback Sessions for members of Adopt4Life and Autism Ontario!  Let us know you are a member when booking your session!


Is neurofeedback painful?  

No!  In fact it is very relaxing.  The hardest part of the treatment is to keep your head mostly still!

How many sessions does it take?

It is difficult to accurately predict because everyone's brain presents differently  but expect to complete a minimum of 10 sessions.  Many people go to 20 or 30 sessions - or continue indefinitely!  

How should Io expect to feel after Neurofeedback?

Each session is like a building block.  Many people feel very relaxed and more mentally clear immediately after a session.  Some don't feel anything until the next day or a couple of days.  People often report better sleep and a feeling of peace.  We can talk through your specific situation and track your progress as we complete sessions.  We have never had a client tell us they felt worse after Neurofeedback!

What is Life Coaching and why would I want that?

Life and Health Coaches help you create a plan and get things done!  We help you identify your goals and support you through achieving them.  Whether you want a career change, want to build a health plan or just need help mapping out your goals for the next few years - working with a coach can be a positive way to achieve your dreams.  

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